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"Your performance set the standard …for all of our future festivals!".
-Fr. Michael Maher, St. Paul the Apostle Church

Relive Those Memories
Again & Again With
Our Novelty Party Favors!

These INTERACTIVE mementos are as much FUN TO CREATE as they are to KEEP!!

Customized on-site, these items are guaranteed to keep your guests talking about their amazing experience at YOUR EVENT!!

We have many fun options for you!

If you find our extensive list overwhelming, PLEASE give us a call. Our staff is ready to assist you in designing your event!!

Life Of The Party


3-D Doll

Your guest‛s image is molded onto a 3-D doll. Many doll design options are available!!!

3-D Photos

A photo of your guests is placed on our background to create an amazing 3-D holographic type effect. No glasses required!!!

Airbrush Products

Hats, shirts, bags and many other items can be custom painted by our incredible artists!

Bobble Head (2-D)

A thick cardboard picture of your guest‛s head is cutout and attached by a spring onto a dolls body!

Bobble Head (3-D)

Your guests‛ photo is inserted into a frame attached to a toy body. Many styles options available!

Candy Sculpture

Your jaw will drop as our candy artist creates a variety of animals and designs out of candy. Too good to eat!!

Comic Photos

What would your guests look like if they looked really strange? Our morphed photos are a great way to find out!!

Chinese Letter Brush Art

Your guests‛ names are painted using an ancient Chinese technique to create these works of art!

Caricature Artist

Our artists hand draw humorous sketches of your guests!

Dog Tags

Dog tags customized with names or pictures make great keepsakes! Four style options include: name with traditional raised letters (military style), engraved names, photo laser engraving, or removable photos.

Dough Sculpture

Our dough artist creates a variety of figures and cartoon characters out of dough using this ancient Chinese technique!

Etch-A-Sketch Caricatures

This one-of-a-kind artist uses pocket Etch-a-sketch to draw images of your guests. These drawings are permanent, and your guests get to keep their Etch-a-sketch complete with their masterpieces!

Flip Books

We transform a seven second video of your guests acting silly into a tiny book. Flip the pages and relive the fun!

Glass Engraving

A variety of glass objects can be engraved with personalized messages. Ideas include perfume bottles, vases, champagne flutes, wine glasses, and just about any other glass object!!

Glass Sculptures

Our artist will create amazing shapes and designs out of glass. Watching the process is almost as much fun as keeping the finished work of art!

Graffiti Wall

Guests take a giant sized photo of themselves. They then use our special infrared spray cans (don‛t worry- they only spray light) to virtually draw on their photos or backgrounds to create custom street-style art. Their masterpieces are then printed as their party favor. Several screen options include our giant 7‘x9‛ projected screen or our 55‛ touch screen (works like a giant iPad).

Green Screen Photos

Your guests pose in front of our green screen. We then use our computerized magic to transform the background into a magazine cover, red carpet, tropical island, or many other choices!

ID Bracelets

Your guests names are hand engraved on metal bracelets.

Leather Bracelets

Your guests‛ names are hand engraved on bracelets or “craft style” where your guests make their own using a variety of stamps, designs and lettering!

Light Beam Photography

Dark tint and laser lights create a variety of fun images and designs that your guests get to use for their photo memory!

Name on Rice

Your guests‛ names are HAND DRAWN on a grain of rice, which is then embedded in a charm bracelet or other keepsake.

Photo Booths

The ORIGINAL SELFIE!! Your guests record their fun poses for their pictures. Enclosed booth or open air camera options are available. We can even provide frames for the pictures!!

Photo Printing On Objects

We can print your guests‛ pictures on iPhone cases, glasses, hats, shirts, flip-flops, magnets, and TONS of other fun items!

Photo Spyglass

A mini-photo of your guests is placed into a tiny viewer key chain. Hold it up to the light and see the image!!

Silhouette Artist

A silhouette of your guests‛ head is painstakingly crafted out of black paper. A classic keepsake!

Snow Globes Photos

Your guests‛ image is placed INSIDE a snow globe for an amazing souvenir!

Wood Key Chains

Your guests‛ names are HAND CARVED out of wood!

Rhinestone Bling Hats

Your guests choose a design and set the rhinestones and studs for their own CUSTOM BLING HAT!!

Wax Art Candles

Your guests make their own tapered candles!

Wax Hands

Your guests dip their hands into the liquid wax to create a mold. Our special wax it then used to create a three-dimensional, colorful replica in just minutes for an amazing keepsake!

Wire Names / Wire Art

A simple wire is transformed into custom jewelry showcasing your guest‛s name or a work-of-art!